HGH products – frequently asked questions

hgh-301. Are all the HGH products the same?

No, they are not. In fact, there are many various HGH products and although they all share the characteristic of being natural and safe, they are quite different at what they are meant to do. While most of them anti-aging products, some of them are weight-loss supplements, bodybuilding supplements and even sexual performance boosting products. Also, they contain various formulas which are all aimed at doing the same thing – boosting the production of HGH. However, to say that they are all the same would be a huge mistake.

2. Do HGH supplements contain recombinant HGH?

No, they do not. In order for a product to contain recombinant HGH or any other type of outside HGH, the product would need to be registered as a pharmaceutical drug. Instead of introducing this outside HGH, these products help the body boost its own production of this particular hormone and thus contribute to the overall health.

hgh-293. How long do I have to take my HGH supplement?

There are a number of things on which this will depend. First of all, it will depend on what kind of an HGH supplement you have gone for. This will also depend on what you are looking to accomplish. Furthermore, this will depend on how your body responds to the introduction of the HGH supplement and how quick your body is to react to elevated levels of HGH in the system. For most people, however, this happens within the first 2 or 3 months.

4. Can I use an HGH supplement to lose weight?

Yes, you can. For one, there are HGH supplements that are aimed specifically at people who wish to lose weight. However, even the anti-aging HGH supplements show more than some success in helping people lose weight. Elevated levels of HGH ensure a fast and efficient metabolism, healthy digestion and the increased flushing of the toxins out of the body. All of this contributes to losing weight and making it easier to control your weight. Especially if you have reached a certain age and most of your weight is gained due to your age.

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